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This is the second time we have worked with CPR Construction. While our first project, creating a MIL suite by combining several rooms, was major, this one was minor: replacing worn-out carpeting with new vinyl plank flooring in an office and guest room, painting same, replacing ceiling fans, and rebuilding several closet interiors with wooden shelving. The work went smoothly, ten days start to finish including the weekend, and the refreshed rooms look like a million bucks (but didn't cost anywhere near that!). Chris cheerfully and competently took care of several other small jobs around the house while he was here. We appreciate working with Chris because of the quality of his work, his attention to detail, and his cost-consciouos and pragmatic approach. We also like the fact that Chris lives in Cary, as we do, makes time to stop by whenever the we need to talk, and keeps us informed of the day to day work schedule so that we are not surprised by delieveries or subcontractors ringing the doorbell unexpectedly. And his invoice matched his estimate! While our house will probably never be "done," it is much nicer to live in thanks in no small part to Chris's efforts.
Vin DeLoach
Nov 2022

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